Glider Pilot

Glider Pilot

Airplane rental

LuFF pilot rents glider aircraft from LSFK – Linköpings Segelflyg Flygklubb which have its office at the GAC – General Aviation Center area of Linköping City Airport (ICAO: ESSL). During the summer season however the club is flying outside of Linköping at their own airfield north west of Finspång.

If you have a valid flying license and want to rent your own plane there are a few things you have to do:

  • Become a LSFK member. The annual member fee is 800 SEK (<25 years) and 2000 SEK (>=25 years) as of aug 2015. However the anular fee maybe adjusted depending on at which point of time in a year you enter the club and how long you may stay. Please see LSFK website for current prices.
  • Do a flight with one of the LSFK flight instructors in order to get familiar with the aircraft type you want to rent and become “approved” by the club to rent on your own.
  • You may also want to become familiar with the air laws in Sweden issued by the transport authority Transportstyrelsen as well as the flying club local procedures.
  • If you’re flying VFR i.e. under Visual Flight rules you can buy a TMA flying map either from the flying club or order it online from KSAK.

The airplane hire cost range from 600 SEK/h for one of the glider aircrafts and 1250 SEK/h for the Piper Cub. Please observe that this club use only aircraft towing as take off procedure. The normal towing altitude is 600 m and cost 260 SEK every 100 m above it cost 20 SEK extra.

LSFK currently has i.e. one Twin Astir, one DG 500, and one Discus. In addition to that have LSFK pilots the possebility to charter the touring motorglider Super Dimona. Please see LSFK:s website for updated information and their contact information.

Touring motor glider Super Dimona

Glider DG 500 Elan