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Learn to fly a glider!

On Saturday the 20.09.2014 LuFF will offer 10 students the possibility to test how it is to fly a glider! In cooperation with Linköpings Glider Flying Club you have the chance to fly 30 min in a motor glider together with a flight instructor. (Costs 300 SEK )

The aim is to motivate students to get a glider pilot. So we look for students who have a serious interest to start a glider pilot license during the winter or who have allready one and want to fly in Sweden during their stay.

If you want to attend please contact Jörg Schminder on LuFFs Facebook group or via mail. (Mail address you find at LiUs homepage searching for me as an employee)

Please note that there will be on the 27.09.2014 the next chance to fly. If all goes well and with your help we want to organize LuFFs first FLY-IN for our new and old students!